Paugh Shadow

Paugh Shadow born in Washington, D.C. - began his career at the age of seven, in school plays. His love for acting continued in college, where, even though he earned his degrees in Marine Biology and Chemistry, he also had achievements directing his first play, "A Bedtime For Freedom", opened a cafe for actors to perform scenes (Rain Garden), and ran and worked as a Deejay at a local radio station in Madison, NJ.

Shortly after graduating college he created the tv show "Sole Entertainment" where he showcased different types of entertainers. He then started traveling the world writing stories from his experiences, and doing some acting in other countries. On his return to the states after 4 years, Shadow, as he is mostly known, moved to NYC, writing blogs for plays he viewed and doing independent films such as "24 floors under NYSEA".

He has since been doing tv shows, commercials, foreign films, voice over for video games and his talk show The Shadow Show in which he has interviewed artists like VNV Nation, Lisa Bouchelle, and the director of Zombie Hunters:City of the Dead.

Shadow has played some amazing roles and has shown incredible depth; from funny guy, to horror villain, to the heart breaking role in "The Guys" (Off-Broadway 2003) as one of the fire fighters talking about a work bench referring to his lost comrade..


Name Paugh Shadow
BornWashington, D.C., United States
Work Actor | Producer | Writer | Businessman
Height 6' 6¾" (2 m)
CompanyShadow Industries
LocatedBronx, New York, United States.
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Actor (46 Credits)

Began his career at the age of seven. Paugh Shadow act in over 46 movies since 2006

Producer(10 Credits)

In the past nine years, we have produced nine films in genres ranging from humor to action to horror.

Writer (2 Credits)

We always love good writing so we wrote screen play for one of the very best covid era horror movie, "The Covid Killer"

Paugh Shadow in and as,

The Covid Killer